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The Hungry Heart has been featured in local and national media. Read on to hear how The Hungry Heart is influencing the conversation about prescription drug abuse and opiate addition in Vermont and our country as a whole.

Listen to the Governor’s speech!!

Listen to the full audio of Gov. Peter Shumlin’s State of the State address, delivered in the Vermont Statehouse on Jan. 8, 2014. Hear More…


The Devastating Effects of Drug Addiction

In recent years, the number of people seeking treatment for opiate addiction in Vermont has increased by staggering numbers. Watch More…


Director Bess O’Brien appeared on the Mark Johnson show. Listen here…

Feature Story News

An interview with Bess O’Brien.

WBUR Radio Boston

The Voices Behind Vermont’s ‘Rising Tide Of Drug Addiction’

Earlier this month, Gov. Peter Shumlin of Vermont did something remarkable. He spent his entire State of the State address talking about one thing: the epidemic of opiate addiction in Vermont. Read More…

On Point

A Heroin Scourge In Idyllic Vermont

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin just devoted his entire State of the State speech to the scourge of heroin. We’ll look at the heroin tide in pastoral Vermont and across the nation.  Read More…

The Boston Globe

Heroin Gains a Deadly Foothold in Vermont

A flood of cheap heroin has thrust Vermont, land of green hills and sweet vistas, into an addiction crisis, a grave threat to younger residents and to a way life… Read More

The New York Times

In Annual Speech, Vermont Governor Shifts Focus to Drug Abuse

MONTPELIER, Vt. — In a sign of how drastic the epidemic of drug addiction here has become, Gov. Peter Shumlin on Wednesday devoted his entire State of the State Message to what he said was “a full-blown heroin crisis” gripping Vermont.

“In every corner of our state, heroin and opiate drug addiction threatens us,” he said. He said he wanted to reframe the public debate to encourage officials to respond to addiction as a chronic disease, with treatment and support, rather than with only punishment and incarceration. Read More…

The Burlington Free Press

Shumlin zeroes in on drug addiction with State of State

MONTPELIER — For 34 minutes, Gov. Peter Shumlin spoke to the House and Senate on Wednesday about the state of the state. Nearly every word focused on a single topic: drug addiction.

“In every corner of our state, heroin and opiate drug addiction threatens us,” Shumlin said. “It is a crisis bubbling just beneath the surface that may be invisible to many but is already highly visible to law enforcement, medical personnel, social service and addiction treatment providers, and too many Vermont families.” Read More…

Al Jazeera

Vermont governor: State has ‘full-blown heroin crisis’

In a surprise move, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin devoted his entire State of the State address Wednesday to a single issue: the state’s growing epidemic of opiate addiction. Read More…


For One Vermonter In Recovery, Family Support was Key

Last week, Gov. Peter Shumlin chose to focus his State of the State address on one issue, opiate abuse. He drew heavily on the documentary film that explores the topic by Bess O’Brien, called “The Hungry Heart.” Read More…

The Globe & Mail

America’s rising heroin addiction

Paul H. Coleman has spent more than three decades helping people with substance abuse. But in the past few years, he and his colleagues at Maryhaven, a treatment centre in Columbus, Ohio, have begun to see something unprecedented: a small but persistent number of teenaged patients who are sniffing or injecting heroin. Read More…

Seven Days

Drug Crimes

It goes without saying that in devoting his entire State of the State address to the “crisis” of opiate addiction, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin was changing the subject. Read More… 

Policy Mic

Vermont is Facing a “Full-Blown Heroin Crisis,” and Your State Could Easily Be Next

Ten years ago, Raina Lowell was 27 years old and living a wholesome life many only dream of. She owned her own business, was married, had a toddler son and a baby girl on the way. Read More…

Vermont Digger

In This State: Documentary and Doctor ‘Star’ Delve Into Tragedy of Drug Use

For years, Dr. Fred Holmes made house calls in and around St. Albans, caring for youngsters with ear aches, rashes and all sorts of other childhood ailments. Read More…


NHPR Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth  (Scroll to the bottom of the page)

Between 2007 and 2012, heroin use nearly doubled in the U.S.A, according to The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Hear More…

Greenfield Recorder

Prescription addiction, recovery film Tuesday 

A 16-year-old Greenfield girl caught up in an alleged small-time heroin dealer’s arrest last month was identified in the police report as a recovering heroin addict, having begun at the age of 14. Read More…