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Powerful radio diaries of people struggling with addiction.

by Erica Heilman

Addiction Is Illness

An interview with two mothers of addicts on how communities help and hinder the process of recovery.

Can Sleep at Night

A mother talks with her daughter about the difficulty of watching her daughter come to terms with her recovery.

Clues and Lies

An interview about lies told during drug addition, and clues that loved ones find.

Collateral Damage

An interview about the collateral damage in families due to drug addiction.

An Interview with Fred Holmes, M.D.

Fred Holmes, M.D., talks about what helps people through the recovery process.

The Hardest Lesson

A story about a mother who lost what is dearest to her.

Mother & Son

An interview from a mother, and a son in recovery.

(credit lexi)

World Gets Brighter

Three addicts talks about what they did to get drugs, and what the world looks and feels like on the other side of recovery.

An Interview with Bess O’Brien

An interview with Bess O’Brien, director of The Hungry Heart, about the power of storytelling in her work.

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