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About the Director

Bess O'BrienBess O’Brien is the director/producer of numerous award-winning documentary films including The Hungry Heart, Ask Us Who We Are, Journey into Courage, Where is Stephanie, and Here Today. She is also the director/producer of the highly acclaimed feature film Shout it Out based on the lives of Vermont teens and the original Voices Project live musical. Bess O’Brien co-founded Kingdom County Productions with her husband Jay Craven in 1990.

O’Brien co-produced the feature films Where the Rivers Flow North starring Rip Torn, Tantoo Cardinal and Michael J. Fox, and A Stranger in the Kingdom starring Ernie Hudson and Martin Sheen.

O’Brien has also been the director of The Vermont Arts Institute, a three week intensive camp for teens from across the country to learn about film and theatre. For more information about Bess, see her page on the Kingdom County Productions website.

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