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The Hungry Heart in D.C.

Senator Patrick Leahy invited us to Washington, DC to screen “The Hungry Heart” at the Motion Picture Association of America on May 13th. It was a warm and muggy night, a storm was brewing in the sky, but we were excited because our movie was showing in the big city!
Many folks came to see the film from different drug policy agencies, legislative offices, and health and addiction organizations. The Senator and Mr. Botticelli (the Drug Czar!) gave very lovely introductions praising the film and acknowledging the courage of the people in the movie who told their stories. Audience members were wiping away tears at the end of the film. The Q and A with Fred, Raina and I went very well. The folks there commented that so much of their time is spent wrangling budgets and going to meetings about policy on the hill that it was good to see the film and be brought back into the real lives of people struggling with these issue every day.
Thanks to Maggie Gendron, Senator Leahy and all that helped to make this evening happen. We were thrilled to be there.

The photo is of Michael Botticelli–the Director of the White House National Drug Policy Office, Raina Lowell, Bess O’Brien, Fred Holmes and Senator Patrick Leahy.